Dear Paris

Dear Paris, What can I say to you about what happened that hasn’t already been said, that would even come close to matching in word what unspeakable trauma you suffered on Friday? Nothing. So instead of talking about Friday, can we talk about today? I am a storyteller. In word and song. And over the last few years I have …

ftsadminDear Paris

Breathe the Sky – For Dan

Dan’s best friend Frank was suffering from ALS. Dan wrote us two letters about love and friendship after Frank passed away. Dan’s letters talked about how Frank lived with “Big Fat Love“–finding the extraordinary in every day, loving deeply and always paying it forward. This is “Breathe the Sky” for Dan and Frank.

ftsadminBreathe the Sky – For Dan

“Surfing Saved My Life”

I’ll never forget the morning I spent with two ‪#‎veterans‬ out in the ocean, separated by four decades and wars on different continents, but together for those beautiful moments in the water. I tell that story in For The Sender: Love Letters From Vietnam. It’s coming soon.

ftsadmin“Surfing Saved My Life”

The Box: Love Letters from Vietnam

“I handed over the treasure chest to him like I hand over my heart; rarely, delicately, stumbling…..in powerful anticipation of what would be done with it once given. I watched him beautifully pick up each piece, each letter of time, each photo of my DNA. A narrative, a fairy tale, a horror story living in a box dying to be …

ftsadminThe Box: Love Letters from Vietnam

the bullet

Someone asked me yesterday what I thought about the shooting in Oregon. Instead of words, I sent them a song. I wrote it, sung by Molly Jenson, after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, when one of the parents who lost their child sent me a letter. I sat down at the piano and started playing the first …

ftsadminthe bullet

For the Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam – FIRST Copy!

Look what came in the mail today–our very first printed copy of For the Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam! Stella’s already curled up with her copy. I’m so stoked about this third book and album in the For the Sender series, which tells the story of a soldier through the letters he sent home from the war in Vietnam and …

ftsadminFor the Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam – FIRST Copy!

Make Her Shine

Here she comes. Make her shine.

ftsadminMake Her Shine

Veteran’s Surf Camp

Stoked to be part of the ‪#‎veterans‬ ‪#‎surf‬ camp this weekend in‪#‎huntingtonbeach‬ with Team RWB. More stories coming soon.

ftsadminVeteran’s Surf Camp

Dear Dad — letters sent to the past

Dear Dad, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m quitting my job. I get it, I need to pay my dues and I’m willing to work hard. And one thing leads to another. But if this place is just a stepping-stone, I feel like all I’m going to be left with is a pile of rocks if …

ftsadminDear Dad — letters sent to the past

I Miss You, Wayne

I always thought he’d marry me and my wife-to-be. Not Skye Dyer, of course. She’s taken. But she could sing at the wedding. Just a few of us, on Maui, so Wayne wouldn’t have to travel. It’s funny, these plans we make when we don’t even know we’re making them. I remember the first time I met Dr. Wayne W. …

ftsadminI Miss You, Wayne